SSR001 Cancelled

SSR001, the Black Mass/Guilotines/Kasa split 7″ has been cancelled.

Black Mass pulled out and there’s been some bad ethics practised. I’ll leave it at that.

But I’m on the outlook for some bad motherfuckers to release. I’ve got some bands in mind, so let’s make shit happen.


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SSR002 sold out

“Driven by Complete and Utter Disgust” by XharoldshitmanX has sold out here.

I believe XhsX still have some copies, and they’ve got a bit of a sale going on so get on that.

Also pay a visit to Ignite Records in Birmingham, which is inside Oasis. Rich there has got some copies, and he stocks some fucking awesome records too. Pay him a visit, all Stapesaw releases will be stocked there.


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